– Your images will be scaled to fit in a frame of 210mmx110mm (so preferably send landscape images).

– Files should be in jpg or .tiff format, maximum 8MB and greyscale.

– Name, title, website and 2 extra lines will be added to the drawing.

– Calendars will be printed on 150gr. uncoated paper and bound with aluminum rings.

– You can have several drawings on the calendar.

– Please send each drawing separately with a filled in form.

– Each drawing you want to be published on the calendar is 10 Euro and you get 2 printed calendars for that. ( So if you want to publish 10 drawings, you will have to pay 100 Euro and you’ll get 20 calendars – no more Christmas shopping necessary.

– Payments should be made to Antoon Johan Vugts on bank account: EE401700017001228829

– Deadline for illustration submission and payment is 30-11-2017.

– Calendars should be ready for pickup on 15-12-2018.

– There will be a limited edition of 200 pieces only printed. Remaining calendars will be for sale on various places in Tallinn for 7,50 Euro per piece. If you want more calendars for yourself, let me know. Possible profit will be spent on the acquisition of a spotlight for the upcoming Drink&Draw sessions of 2018!

I will also give the calendars as Christmas gifts to some of the big animation -publishing and game companies in Tallinn so who knows, perhaps your work will be noticed by the people who care!

And lastly, sadly, if there are less then 40 submissions, unfortunately the project will be cancelled and I will return your money on your bank account (so tell your friends). 🙂

Please select and upload your illustration to the field below.
The illustration can be max. 8mb in size, in grayscale, JPEG or TIFF format.